NorthSeaGrid Workshop: Interconnected Offshore Grid: Barriers & Solutions

2014-06-19 09:00 - 13:00
Bremen, Germany
Andreas Wagner; Wilfried Breuer; Wilfried Hube; Markus Rieck
Paul Kreutzkamp; Ioannis Konstantelos; Jaap Jansen; Gerhard Gerdes; Paul Kreutzkamp; Irena Gajic
Fabio Genoese


In this workshop, the NorthSeaGrid project consortium aimed at an intensive engagement of stakeholders in order to discuss and solve concrete questions regarding technical, regulatory, financial and risk-related barriers. The workshop's agenda can be found here.

In order to prepare for the workshop, a background paper, covering the main barriers and questions of the four (technical, regulatory, financial and risk-related) areas, was sent to the participants one week before the workshop.

The event took place in the context of the WINDFORCE 2014 trade fair and conference in Bremen. The workshop's proceedings can be found here

Please find the presentations given during the workshop below.

MARITIM Hotel & Congress Centrum Bremen
Hollerallee 99
Salon Danzig
28215 Bremen

NorthSeaGrid Agenda Workshop 19/06/14 224.19 KB
NorthSeaGrid Keynote presentation by Andreas Wagner 19/06/14 1.78 MB
NorthSeaGrid 3E DNV Technical Barrier and Risk Assessment 19/06/14 715.46 KB
NorthSeaGrid ECN Financial barriers to Offshore Wind Farm projects 19/06/14 148.12 KB
NorthSeaGrid 3E ICON Introduction to the Project and First Results 19/06/14 1.81 MB
NorthSeaGrid WindGuard Regulatory Barriers 19/06/14 642.08 KB
NorthSeaGrid Workshop Bremen Report 597.67 KB