Final Report

Final Report of the NorthSeaGrid project

Final Report
A. Flament, P.Joseph (3E); G. Gerdes, L. Rehfeldt (Deutsche WindGuard); A. Behrens, A. Dimitrova, F. Genoese (CEPS); I. Gajic, M. Jafar, N. Tidemand, Y. Yang (DNV GL); J. Jansen, F. Nieuwenhout, K. Veum (ECN); I. Konstantelos, D. Pudjianto, G. Strbac (Imperial College Consultants)

Summary of Key Findings of the NorthSeaGrid Project:

The construction of the selected cases in an integrated manner would generally lower the material requirement and costs. This would have a knock-on effect on installation and operation costs. Second, the availability of alternative paths in integrated implementations, if an export cable were to fail, means a greater availability and utilisation of the infrastructure. Third, the technical risks are largely similar for both isolated and integrated developments. Consequently, the net present worth (allowing for the additional benefits and reduced costs) of projects with integrated designs is higher.

The complete final report of the NorthSeaGrid project can be downloaded by clicking this link

A synthesis report of the main findings of the NorthSeaGrid project is also available and can be downloaded by clicking this link.